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Jan 21, 2013
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ZX West Bank


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ZX West Bank Description

NEW! World Ranking Adaptation of the classic game for ZX Spectrum - West Bank (1986). Revive nostalgic memories playing this classic game in your mobile device. Enjoy the tape loading emulation with the interactive tape control - R Tape loading error. Wear a ZX Spectrum in your pocket! WEST BANK The smell of gun powder hangs in the air of Soft City, a community at the south of Dakota, born of the gold rush. Dead is around the corners of West Bank, the only bank in the city. The office of West Bank has twelve deposit doors. Your job is to take money from the hardworking people of Soft City and protect it from the outlaws. Use your official bank gun using keys or directly touching each door. There are 9 characters in the game. Each opens a door and either deposits money, a bullet or a bomb. In phase one you will meet four of these characters. The goodies you should never shoot are Green Jordan the farmer and Daisy, the beautiful daughter of the city jeweler. The baddy in this phase is Jack Vicious. If you are quick enough with your gun you will see Jack fall – hesitate for a moment and BANG! You are dead. He may also cosh Green Jordan and try to shoot you. The forth character in phase one is Bowie, the joker of Soft City. He likes to wear a stack of hats which you can shoot off his head to gain points. The last hat contains either a bag of money or a bomb, so be careful. To pass the next phase you need to get a deposit from each of the twelve doors. Use the left (O Key) and right (P Key) or arrows in landscape to scroll new doors onto the screen. Once you have filled the boxes above the doors with dollar signs, a quick shoot-out between you and three gunslingers starts with a countdown. When zero is reached they will reach for their guns. Shoot them when they make a move, not before or you will be killed. Next characters are to be discovered in each phase. Just an advice, if you aren’t quick enough on the draw you will be the next victim in the town.
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