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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
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Weather client for windows phone 7. - get precise weather forcast from www.worldweatheronline.com for over 2 million worldwide cities; - 5 days forcast data; - live tiles for each city/area; - no limitation for areas/cities; - add area/cities by GPS latitude and longitude; - pin any city to start; - background update weather data periodically; - satellite pictures for U.S. from NOAA; Version 1.9: - fix one crash issue; Version 1.8: update according to comments from Hillie77. - add current location using GPS(latitude, longitude) data; - sort result city list intelligenly; - show day of week in forecast table; Thanks for Hillie77's comments! :) Version 1.7 - fix some update & crash issue; Version 1.6 - add page to show current condition details; - add satellite picutures for U.S. from NOAA; Version 1.5 - add live background picture from Bing; Version 1.4 - fix tile update issues; Version 1.3 - add background update support; Version 1.2 - correct wind speed unit error; - add wind speed unit setting (kilometer per hour / miles per hour) in setting page; Version 1.1 - fixed minor display issues; - add trial support;
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