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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
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Weather and Surf Australia


Weather and Surf Australia Description

Australian weather & surf forecasts and observations using data from BOM, Weatherzone & Swellnet. Multiple double-sided live tiles! BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) forecast data is value added to by Weatherzone with greater detail available. V1.21 bug fix for disappearing pinned tiles on reboot, aesthetics fixed in observations V1.20 has major overhaul of live tiles. Can now have multiple double sided live tiles - one for each location, with a choice of the tile layout. Each live tile can jump straight to your favourite view. ie. Click on Bondi tile to go straight to the surf forecast. Click on Sydney for the weather forecast, etc. Note: the live tiles are updated as frequently as the locations observations are. eg. Many locations have their observations updated every 10 minutes - your live tile will also update every 10 minutes. Most other weather programs update every 30 minutes. Weather observations and forecasts cover over 2,000 locations throughout Australia. Surf forecasts and reports cover all states and include Swellnet's 30 plus locations. Marine forecasts cover all BOM forecast areas. High resolution rain radar is zoomable and pannable. Backgrounds are stored on phone to save bandwidth and download time. e: support@weatherandsurf.com.au t: twitter.com/WeatherAndSurf
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