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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
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Universal Locator


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Developed by Prashant Vaidyanathan This Locator app is your one stop guide to locate any place you would look for on the Map. The Universal Locator can track the following for you: 1) Airports 2) ATMs 3) Banks 4) Book Stores 5) Bus Stations 6) Cafe 7) Car Rentals 8) Car Repairs 9) Car Wash 10) Department Stores 11) Doctors 12) Embassy 13) Fire Stations 14) Furniture Stores 15) Gas Stations 16) Gyms 17) Hospitals 18) Libraries 19) Lodging 20) Local Government Offices 21) Museums 22) Police Stations 23) Post Offices 24) Restaurants 25) Schools & Universities 26) Shopping Malls 27) Subway Stations 28) Taxi Stands 29) Train Stations 30) Zoos This App shows your current location on the Map. It also lists all the places closest to you according to proximity. The App also gives you driving directions to the place you select. Disclaimer: This App uses Google Places API to retrieve the closest locations. The developer is not responsible for the accuracy or availability of these locations at any region. Please note that the availability of the location on the Map is subject to its existance in the Google places API database.
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