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Tube Radio FM

Tube FM Radio is probably the best FM radio app currently in the Windows 7 phone marketplace. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH WINDOWS PHONE 8 (Microsoft stopped the fm tuner functionality) It has a wide range of functions and an awesome user interface: 1.) Auto tuning 2.) Manual tuning 3.) Fine tuning 4.) 8 station buttons 5.) On / off button The fine tuning buttons can be placed on two positions at the screen or can be hided. In the current version only the frequency band 87.5 - 108 MHz is supported. The demo version has full functionality, but it can only save temporarily new frequencies on the station buttons. ---------------------------- Version Number: 1.1.0 Release Notes: - bug fix save station button frequency ---------------------------- Version Number: 1.1.0 Release Notes: - The radio continues to play when the screen is locked.

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