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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
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** Winner of the "Notable Finalist" prize in the Fast Track App international contest by Core77 ** Tube Download allows you to download all YouTube videos you desire on your smartphone. You can watch them again each time you want and each time you are offline. You can download them in HD or HQ quality depending on YouTube availability. Besides you can simply search and watch videos without downloading them ( also HD streaming is available ). Changelog: 1.8: - Fixes 1.7: - Playlist - Bug Fixes - Faster App - Slider in the video player - New languages 1.6: - Live Tiles - 32 bit colors - Preparation for the next update 1.5: - Bug Fixes 1.4: - Now it automatically resumes the unfinished downloads - Now it saves the download list - Support for large videos - Bug Fix: now it always downloads the right video - New Logo 1.3: - Now it supports the horizontal orientation! - Now it finds more videos - Now also low quality videos (240p) are downloadable 1.2: - Battery performance enhancement 1.1: - Integration with Music & Video Hub - Now the installation file is smaller
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