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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
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Touch Touch


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Touch Touch This game use fire items to attack and kill the ants. Why I attack the ants? Prevent the ants go cross the color line, if 3 ant go cross color line the game will close. On each level you have a number of fire items they alway turn around to hit and kill the ants, by touch on the phone screen, fire items can zoom in to hit the ants. if you don’t touch will zoom out to the minimum size Have 3 kind of ant they have different speed and strength. When you kill ant that give you score, score depend on what kind of ant. 1 ant goes cross the color line = 1 red X 3 red X = end this level This version have 8 level, and it will more at next version. Remember: try to make size of fire item larger and lager, it will more powerful. Note: game play ís difficult to clear the level, so try to get more score. If you have score = max score in one level, this level is clear.
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