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Jan 21, 2013
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Toll Troll


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Toll Troll Description

Your time is valuable, and when you waste time stuck in traffic between Seattle and Bellevue, you can get more than a little grumpy. The SR 520 Toll Troll's main purpose in life is to tell you whether the choice to commute across SR 520 is good, bad, or neutral. The Troll figures out how much time you could save by choosing to cross the SR 520 bridge vs. the I-90 bridge. Then, based on how you have set the value of your time, the Toll Troll will express the mood you will be in if you take SR 520. For example, if you tell the Toll Troll that you would be happy to pay the SR 520 toll if you could save 10 minutes crossing, you would launch Toll Troll before your commute, and Toll Troll would quickly reflect your future mood if you crossed the bridge...happy, sad, or neutral. Toll Troll uses data from the WSDOT's website for current commute times and for tolling information. It contains the following features: • View the Toll Troll's current commuting mood. • Change the direction of your commute between Seattle and Bellevue. • View the minutes you would save or lose if you took the SR 520 bridge. • See your current toll cost. • View the current traffic map. • View the current and average commute times for SR 520, I-90, and I-90 HOV. • Configure your minimum preferred time saved. • Set your toll cost parameters such as number of axels, Good To Go, and HOV. • Auto-update the commute time and tolling data, or refresh it manually.
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