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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
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Timeout Tiles


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No more fuddling thru your apps when you're in a hurry to give a timeout! Just add a child & pin him/her to your start screen. Tapping their tile will immediately launch the timer! Customize your child's name, photo, age, and timeout length. (Timeout length will default to 1 minute per year old based on age upon saving.) Run multiple timers at once and have them run in the background while you access other apps while you wait. Report back to parents on how many timeouts and when they were with the history page. Free Trial let's you add 1 child, give 10 timeouts, and includes ads. Made in America [v1.6 release notes (5/5/2012)] - fixed child photo tile reversed text issue - added 'about' page - updated alarm sound - bug fixes - updated user experience [v1.5 release notes] - fixed bug where tapping save caused an error while keyboard was still up - added support email button to send direct questions/comments/issues to goodbardevelopment@gmail.com - added polite prompting for reviews [v1.4 release notes] - increased timeouts in trial mode - added application bar to the main page for cleaner look. - fixed button icons not showing up on date picker - more descriptive messages when trying to access functionality in trial mode (and redirection to purchase the full app). - added "more apps" button to view more apps by goodbar development - added ad banner in trial mode
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