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Jan 21, 2013
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The Adventures of Alt


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★★ Welcome little readers to the incredible world of Alt! ★★ Meet the Zens, extraterrestrial charming little beings that come in all shapes and colors, from a planet far, far away! But there’s one in particular we want you to meet, his name is Alt and he’s undoubtedly the cutest of the all the Zens. Boys and Girls alike will love joining Alt on his adventures and they’ll have to follow the instructions on the screen to help Alt reach his final destination. Readers have to take Alt on his travels with exciting hot air balloons, zooming spaceships, and mysterious underground caves. And most importantly readers have to help Alt free other Zens and make new friends! This fully interactive graphic adventure with new drag and drop technology is a dynamic learning and reading tool that will keep active minds encouraged and engaged. Alt’s game play and educational text will engage young readers to explore the art of reading while encouraging them to have fun at the same time. Alt needs you! Can you help our adorable explorer!? ADDED FEATURES! • Interactive fun guaranteed! • 11 pages to enjoy • Colorful and child friendly graphics • Text Narration • Robotic space age narration! • Original music and sound effects ♫ • ‘Read by myself’ and ‘Read to Me options’ • Adapted for children ages 6+
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