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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
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Survival skills are techniques a person may use in a dangerous situation (e.g. natural disasters) to save themselves or others (see also bushcraft). Generally speaking, these techniques are meant to provide the basic necessities for human life: water, food, shelter, habitat, and the need to think straight, to signal for help, to navigate safely, to avoid unpleasant interactions with animals and plants, and for first aid. In addition, survival skills are often basic ideas and abilities that ancient humans had to use for thousands of years, so these skills are partially a reenactment of history. Many of these skills are the ways to enjoy extended periods of time in remote places, or a way to thrive in nature. Some people use these skills to better appreciate nature and for recreation, not just survival. *** Survival Guide is completely based on the U.S. Military Survival Manual FM 21-76. *** Features ******** - Zooming is supported in order to see the text/images better. Chapter 1: INTRODUCTION Chapter 2: PSYCHOLOGY OF SURVIVAL Chapter 3: SURVIVAL PLANNING AND SURVIVAL KITS Chapter 4: BASIC SURVIVAL MEDICINE Chapter 5: SHELTERS Chapter 6: WATER PROCUREMENT Chapter 7: FIRECRAFT Chapter 8: FOOD PROCUREMENT Chapter 9: SURVIVAL USE OF PLANTS Chapter 10: POISONOUS PLANTS Chapter 11: DANGEROUS ANIMALS Chapter 12: FIELD-EXPEDIENT WEAPONS, TOOLS, AND EQUIPMENTS Chapter 13: DESERT SURVIVAL Chapter 14: TROPICAL SURVIVAL Chapter 15: COLD WEATHER SURVIVAL Chapter 16: SEA SURVIVAL Chapter 17: EXPEDIENT WATER CROSSINGS Chapter 18: FIELD-EXPEDIENT DIRECTION FINDING Chapter 19: SIGNALING TECHNIQUES Includes also Appendix A to H Note: Ad supported application.
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