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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5,Windows Phone 7
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Stopwatch Description

With version 5.3, the most popular Stopwatch application on Windows Phone just got even better! Designed for Windows Phone 7.5, the Windows Phone Stopwatch 5.3 allows you to effortlessly switch between applications while ensuring millisecond precision. Save events on your phone and then send the elapsed time and associated laps by email or text message. With Windows Phone Stopwatch 5.3 events can be pinned as secondary tiles allowing you to easily find important events. Resume existing stopwatch sessions by simply clicking the application live tile again! Windows Phone Stopwatch 5.3 places you in control, allowing you to disable the operating system lock screen while timing events, disable the reset warning, change the background image, or disable the background entirely. Windows Phone Light and Dark themes are fully supported allowing you to personalize your phone and your Stopwatch! Windows Phone Stopwatch 5.3 also features a live tile that indicates the current state of the Stopwatch as well as the number of laps. Windows Phone Timer 5.3, a companion to the Windows Phone Stopwatch, is also available in the marketplace allowing you to count down for any duration with milisecond precision.
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