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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
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Stock Tiles


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Stock Tiles Description

Stock Tiles allows you to quickly and easily monitor stock prices from your Windows Phone start screen. Add stocks, then pin as many as you would like to your start screen. Features: - Keep list of pinned and unpinned tiles, so you can quickly choose which to show on the start screen - Live tiles update quotes approximately every half hour - Tiles are built to match your theme color, and to look similar to built-in apps - Live tiles show additional information on the back of the tile, such as price change and last update time Version 1.3 update: - Support quotes for stock indices (such as ^IXIC). Dow Jones is not supported, due to a limitation of the data provider used. - Add a settings page. User can now enable showing change or percent change on front and back of live tiles, as well as turn the back of the live tile off. - Dynamically change font size, so larger values can fit on the front of live tiles Version 1.2 update: - Automatically download quote when adding a new tile - Better handling of invalid stock symbols - Round price and change to two decimal places, so that data fits well on Live Tiles Version 1.1 update: - Fixed problem with background updater when no stock tiles are pinned
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