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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5,Windows Phone 7
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Space Tube


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Space Tube Description

Space Tube is an adrenaline and action-packed racing game that lets you feel the 3D power of Windows Phone 7! Gain the control over an amazing fast space ship and take your journey through space and time. Compete in 4 different game modes or try the infinite mode to immortalize yourself in the leaderboard! Now with online leaderboards, achievements and friendlists!!! Winner of the "Swisscom App Of The Year" and the "You Make IT-Smart" contests!!! - smooth and colorful graphics with appealing effects - 27 levels with 4 game modes (classic, adrenaline, time attack and freestyle) - 6 bonus levels - 3 difficulty levels (beginner, professional and expert) - challenging infinite mode - many different barricades and pickups such as boosts or repair items - OpenXLive integration - unlockable achievements (OpenXLive) - detailed statistics - online leaderboards, available with or without account - online friend lists - see who's currently playing - LiveTile with current rank, score and avatar - ultimate speed feeling - soundtrack by „Professor Kliq“ - Winner of the "You Make IT Smart" competition!!! v1.9 - slightly improved performance v1.8 - live tile with score, rank and avatar - minor improvements v1.7 - OpenXLive integration - minor improvements v1.6 - minor improvements v1.5 - fast app switching (Mango) - availability for many new countries - slightly improved help menu - added one more bonus level for trial users v1.4 - fixed a minor bug - teaser and subscription for future games v1.3 - 6 Bonus levels - minor bug fixes - options to disable the HUD or the broken glass effect v1.2 - broken screen effect - bug fixes - preparation for upcoming features v1.1 - unlocked detailed video settings - minor performance improvements - fixed wrong control schema
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