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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5,Windows Phone 7
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Resco MobileCRM


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Version 6.0 - Social Feeds - Signature Tab - Opportunity Close Dialog - Quote Close Dialog - Compatible with CRM on Office 365 - Fill address from GPS Version 5.4 - Optional Automatic Sync. After Start and Change. - Sync Errors report & resolution. - Convert Activity to Opportunity and Case. - Qualify Lead improvements - Navigate To entity. - Record entity GPS coordinates. - Send/reply/forward email Version 5.3 Online/Offline Mode — The user can comfortably switch between online and offline mode and can also select one of three modes the app will work in after launch: - Always online - Online when connected to Wi-Fi - Manual mode IMPORTANT: For full experience, the Resco Mobile CRM app for Windows Phone requires an access to Dynamics CRM server (4.0 or 2011, on-premise/online). Without this access you will be only able to work with the local demo database. Resco Mobile CRM app is a client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM that allows accessing your data anywhere and anytime. The app works in online or offline mode and it does not require any middleware or additional server - just install it on your device, connect directly to your Dynamics CRM and use it with your real data. You can access/create/delete/modify all data. This app rapidly boosts the productivity of sales people and field service technicians. Now they can create new orders or quotes, access all invoices, accounts and contacts, schedule the appointments, view their dashboards and many others. Features • No Middleware needed — insert Dynamics CRM URL and login credentials and you are ready to go • Full integration of interactive map (gestures support) displaying multiple records at once • Photo capturing • Signatures support • Iframe support • Multilanguage support • Phone Integration (track your phone calls) • Advanced filters and sorting
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