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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
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RapidLight Description

RapidLight is a very simple and fast flashlight app. The main purposes of this app are speed and simplicity. In addition it offers full lock screen functionality! RapidLight is a branch of the extended flashlight app CameraLight. It uses the well proved light class, but leaves everything else away. So it is much faster than any other flashlight app out there and of course much easier to handle. Start the app - that's it! You can double tap the screen to toggle the light as also use the camera button of your device. But be aware, for maximum energy efficiency the button works only for 10 seconds after the light was turned off! Also you can lock your screen when the light is on. However this will cause the light to interrupt - just wait. If you shut off the light with the camera button behind locked screen, the app will close itself after the 10 seconds. So you just can pocket it without the need to unlock again and close the app by hand! If you are looking for just a lock screen flashlight, have a look over at LockLight! Let there be light!
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