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Jan 21, 2013
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*** Updated for 2012 *** Quick+ Points is based on the newest, popular weight watching points plus system but is definitely not your mother's old calculator. This little app is full of features to help you start or maintain your diet no matter how much or how little weight you want to lose. Features: - quick food calculator - daily/weekly point tracker - saved foods list - weight tracker - view used daily/weekly points - manual points entry - live tile showing remaining daily points Don't need all the tracking features? Tell Quick+ Points you don't want to track anything and you can still use the quick calculator to produce a food's point value. It's as easy as typing in the amount of fat, protein, carbs, and fiber - the point value is automatically calculated and displayed! For greater flexibility the point value can be displayed in whole number or decimal format. Updates v3.1 - increased size of manual entry buttons - manual food entry button is now active on all pages - minor bug fixes v3.0 - updated for Mango - points now adhere to 2012 Points Plus system (down to 26 for minimum from the previous 29) - added live tile showing remaining daily points - added ability to add foods/points manually - streamlined manual points entry - removed previous manual entry page for points - food list is now auto-alphabetized - added search to saved foods list - added settings to limit the number of days for saved weights and points (user defined) - minor bug fixes v2.3 - minor bug fix v2.2 - fixed a bug found on release of 2.1 that incorrectly set weekly points to zero v2.1 - added weekly point tracking - added saved daily/weekly points v2.0 - added auto point calculator - added daily point tracker - added saved food list - added weight tracker - minor bug fixes
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