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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
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Pin2Learn Elements


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Flash cards are a tried and tested method of learning – Random Fruit brings the flash card to Windows Phone with Pin2Learn! Pin any Pin2Learn app to your home screen and the Live Tile displays all the “need to know” information of a randomly chosen item within that subject right there on your home screen. Pin2Learn Elements Learn about all 118 elements in the Periodic Table subconsciously as you use your Windows Phone normally every day* Memorise the atomic symbol, atomic number, atomic weight, electron configuration, where it lies within the periodic table and much more. Open Pin2Learn elements and you’ll get detailed information on the currently displayed element, or you can pick from any of the other elements to too view more detail, we even link you directly to the relevant Wikipedia page if you thirst for even more knowledge! Keep an eye out for many more Pin2Learn titles coming soon. * For best results make sure the Pin2Learn live tile is placed as one of the first 8 apps on your home screen, that way you’ll see it every time you look at your phone.
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