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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
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**** Windows Phone 8 Users Please read ****** The app has been rebuilt in Windows Phone 8 SDK and tested on Windows Phone 8 Emulator. I have not got a physical device to test it yet. Please report to me if you find any problem. **** Important Notice **** (1) The app does not use the internet data if you transfer files via WiFi LAN or USB cable, but the PC has to have an IP address other than Please check this chart http://sdrv.ms/R4Ka0i to determine if you can use this app. (2) Please do try the free version of this app and make sure you understand how it works before you buy. (3) Please contact me (bruce.li@live.com.au) if you have difficulties in using this app. I won't be able to reply to your comments in the store. The app (lite + elite version) has got near 350,000 downloads, most of the users found no problem to use it. This is the Elite version of the free tool PC File Download. In addition to transfering files from PC to phone via USB cable or wireless LAN, this tool also has the following features. 0. Live tile. Pin frequently used PCs and file servers to phone's start screen. 1. Folder view if you have many files on the PC 2. File Server mode if you have tens of thousands of files on the server which you want to access wirelessly. 3. If you use File Sever mode, you can also bookmark frequently used folders. 4. You can leave your music files on PC and stream them to your phone use this app. The music will play in the background now. 5. If you prefer, you can download DRM-free music files into the App's isolated storage and use the built-in player to play them (May NOT work on all WP8 devices). 6. For advanced users, it supports no-ip.com static IP adddress. Updates in V2.9.8 Tested WP8 compatibility. updates in V2.9.1 : * Now using less annoying toast notification rather the messagebox to notify user. * Fixed the audio preview problem in large file server mode. Thanks for those who spotted this bug.
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