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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5,Windows Phone 7
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Get the Winner of the 2012 Best Free App Awards, and the most important companion available for your Windows Phone! Take full advantage of your Windows Phone, and get access to features, functionality, and fun only available with Outsider for Windows Phone! A new user joins every joins every 4 minutes! New in v3.12 ------------------------- - Forum “hot linking” and hashtags! - New Easter Egg #12! - Update to Outsider! - glƏƏk! integration! - More Lair Booty! ------------------------- - Über Check In! Check into Foursquare & all your Social Networks, including Facebook & Twitter with one tap! - GamerHub™, interact with other Xbox gamers around the world - Gamer MeetUps & Beacon, Activity, and Friend request integration! - Enhanced and searchable Forums - Map users & "droogs" (friends) around the world! - See and interact with other users in your mysterious Hive! - Tons of How-Tos, Tips & Tricks ...and even Videos! - Hidden "Easter Eggs" that unlock more fun & features, and other hidden goodies! - Tons of Live Tiles! - User, Developer & Gamer Forums - Integrated Messaging - GamerTag/Avatar integration! - Unlock your "Secret Lair" (and others' Lair's) ...and so much more! - Tons of Extras, including: -- Daily and weekly Wallpapers! -- Unique and awesome custom Ringtones! -- Tools and shortcuts Register by Location, Postal Code, or “In the Cloud” if you're a Windows Phone Developer, you can provide your Company Name to make it easy for Windows Phone users to access your apps! See and interact with the Users and Developers in your neighborhood, region, state, country, or anywhere in the entire world! ...and get the most important app you'll ever have on your Windows Phone! { join the revolution }
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