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Oslo Offline Map & Guide

The popular series of iPhone offline maps come to Windows Phone! Oslo Offline Map & Guide helps you to explore Oslo, Norway by providing you with full-featured maps & travel guide that work offline - without internet connection. FEATURES: -FULL OFFLINE MAPS/GUIDE - no WIFI/Internet/Roaming needed -HIGH-QUALITY ZOOMABLE MAP of Oslo + suburbs -METRO/SUBWAY zoomable map (where applicable) -POWERFUL SEARCH - street, point of interest, accommodation, sightseeing, etc -SMOOTH ZOOM IN/ZOOM OUT -THOUSANDS OF POINTS OF INTEREST -FIND YOUR LOCATION WITH GPS + COMPASS MODE -BOOKMARK GUIDE ARTICLES & PLACES OF INTEREST -IMAGE GALLERY - Included TRAVEL GUIDE (WikiTravel) provides the following information for each city & district + lots of pictures: * Get In * Get Around Oslo * What to See in Oslo * What to Do in Oslo * What to Buy in Oslo * Where/What to Eat in Oslo * Where/What to Drink in Oslo * Where to Sleep in Oslo * Contact information * Cope * Stay safe in Oslo * Stay healthy in Oslo * Get out

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