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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5,Windows Phone 7
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Om Meditation


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OM Meditation Timer is a simple and elegant timer application for your Windows Phone 7 device, to help with timing and tracking your daily meditations. I have found that too manyu of the timer applications that exist, don't take in to account that a user might be using it to time their meditations. That type of usage is different since you don't really want an annoying alarm. Instead you just want it to be as distraction free as possible. There is also an optional body check to help step you through the processs of being more mindful of your body. In the 1.2 update I have included more sounds for you to select from and have also added two more audio alert modes. One that can can play a sound at the begining of meditation and another that can be set to notify you at a mid point of your selection. 1.3 improves the audio preview in the settings and removes the unused user identity and networking capabilities 1.4 fixes the mid point notification sound 2.0 Reworked for Mango, fixed issues with 1.4 not running under lock screen on a Mango Device. Better control of timer. Adjustable mid point timer. History views, Sound Pad to play any of the notification sounds at any time. Improved customization through settings.
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