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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5,Windows Phone 7
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Nom Nom Rider


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Nom Nom Rider Description

Race down an energy slide eating nummy food! Avoid fatty foods or you will grow too big! Collect sports and fitness activities to increase your speed. Get bonus points for a balanced diet! A fun, addictive game for the whole family that promotes a healthy lifestyle! Rack up top scores and compare to see who is the best eater with the fastest fingers! Nom Nom will feed your need for racing fun and over the top eating action! The most outrageous and intense educational game you will ever play! Nom Nom Rider is published by Fearless Frog Innovations and developed at the Centre for Digital Media by Yummy Cloud, a team of five interdisciplinary students from five different countries. The goal of Nom Nom Rider and their future project, Banana Samurai (Coming Soon to the web) is to create games that are fun and exciting first while providing an important message about food and health. Please enjoy this free game and let your friends know about this “healthy alternative” to your regular mobile games! Proudly made in Vancouver, Canada with the help of Microsoft’s Government division. Find out more about Nom Nom Rider and Banana Samurai at: http://mdm.gnwc.ca/projects/industry/yummy-cloud mdm.gnwc.ca/projects/industry/yummy-cloud
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