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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8
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NFC Tag Writer


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NFC Tag Writer writes some of the more common NFC information types. You will need to get writable NFC tags to use this app. A good source is BUYNFCTAGs - the nfc superstore (http://j.mp/BuyNFCtags). What is an NFC tag? An NFC tag is small electronic chip that can store and provide information to smartphones and other devices equipped with an NFC reader - like Windows Phone 8! Define 'small'... Common NFC tags are in the form of stickers, wristbands, business cards, even pens. See http://j.mp/BuyNFCtags for examples. If they are electronic, don't they require power? Yes. They are briefly powered by and electric field provided by the NFC reader when it is in range of the tag. How close does my phone need to be in order to read an NFC tag? Very close, no more than 2 cm away. What kind of information can be stored in an NFC tag? You can store URIs, contacts, information needed to start an app, telephone numbers, and much, much more.
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