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Jan 21, 2013
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Mother's Day Cards


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Are you looking for the right greeting card – something that’s equal parts personal and beautiful? Mother's Day Cards is here! Choose a card design, take a photo or select one from your Pictures Hub and place your smiley face into the hole. Send this unique card, quick and easy. Express your creativity by picking one of your own pictures and matching it with one of our 12 templates. All fun, no fuss! All greeting cards published by Melon Mobile are created by talented freelance Bulgarian designers. We hope you enjoy their unique drawing styles and ideas. *** Product features *** * Pick from 12 uniquely-designed templates * Choose any picture from your Pictures Hub and turn it into an expressive card * Save your custom-made card in your Pictures Hub * Send your card in one click and add your greeting without worrying about length, fonts and colors * Available in English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, and Portuguese With the trial version you can see all card designs and try out how placing the photo works. To save or send, you need to buy the full version via the Windows Phone Marketplace. "Other e-cards titles by Melon Mobile include: Father's Day Cards Thank You Cards Easter Cards April Fools Cards Christmas Cards Happy Birthday Cards Happy New Year Cards I Miss You Cards Love Cards Sarcastic Greeting Cards Sexy Christmas Cards Valentine Cards … and more coming up!"
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