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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
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Mother 2 B


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Congratulations! on your decision to be a mother. This is altogether a new beginning as your life and body undergo changes on a daily basis. To help you along, Mother 2 B offers a bundle of essential tools dispelled in an easy-to-navigate interface.  Over the course of 9 months, Mother 2 B will help you plan and track your pregnancy by the day, record doctor’s visits and vital stats for the gestating mother as well as the fetus. You get daily updates on nutritional requirement, exercise tips and information on bodily changes which you and the fetus will go through. It will serve as a one-stop keepsake for things you need to record and plans you want to make. Mother 2 B can help you organize and manage the plethora of information so that you can focus on the important matters. You can keep track of symptoms experienced, doctor visits and prepare for breaking the news with your near and dear ones as your baby arrives to your world.
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