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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5,Windows Phone 7
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Monthly Tracker


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Monthly Tracker Description

Monthly Tracker is the easy way to track your monthly cycle. Monthly Tracker allows tracking of the cycle for a single person and predicts ovulation and your next cycle. It also allows you to track when you have been intimate, taken your pill and your temperature. Features: - Tracks moods - Tracks weight - Tracks symptoms - Tracks intimacy - Tracks pill usage - Tracks cervical mucus - Tracks daily temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius - Tracks four types of menstrual flow - Predicts next menstruation start and end - Configurable cycle frequency, duration and luteal duration - Gesture based interface - Color coded calendar shows tracked and predicted days of your cycle - Add and edit up to 60 moods and 60 symptoms - Email the current monthly data to someone - Basel temperature chart for the displayed month - Password protected New in version 2.0 - Support for Windows Phone 7.5 - Live Tile support displays number of days to cycle or ovulation on tile - Notifications reminds you to track every day - Background color customization Please note: This application should be used for planning and tracking purposes in conjunction with advice from your medical provider.
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