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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
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Marketplace Dashboard


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READY FOR WINDOWS 8!! Update log at bottom... Currently on sale for .99 (USD) for a limited time! Get it while it's hot! Read on for more details... Tired of refreshing the Dev Center page throughout the day to see if your newest app submission was published or not? Ever wish you could check your app downloads easier? Well now you can! Get a view of your apps including crash count, submission status, and download count without fumbling with the mobile browser. Paid users lose the banner ad and can pin the per-app live tiles. Sorry, low memory phones don't support background agents. Free users have no other restrictions and can use the app forever. Future enhancements: reviews, in-app purchasing details, PubCenter information, more. Note: This application relies on screen scraping for much of its data as there is no public Marketplace API. Please contact me if you have problems, before leaving negative feedback. Thanks! v1.3 WP8, better error handling, async background processing where possible, many optimizations/fixes v1.2 Wow! Mango support, fast app switching, additional live tiles, 256MB device support, logout, more error checking, compatibility with the new Dev Center, and a background agent for tile updates. v1.1 Updated for App Hub changes
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