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  • Pocket Dance Party

    Pocket Dance Party

    Turn down the lights and turn up the volume because Pocket Dance Party is here for you to start a party anytime and anywhere! First select your strobe light preference choose the speed and even color

  • CommuniTOR


    It allows you to browse the official english, french and german Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ (SWTOR) forums

  • Dinosaurs Sounds

    Dinosaurs Sounds

    The contains collection of Dinosaurs Sounds which can be used for scaring someone and used as fun toy too

  • DailyDilbert


    A simple cool app for your daily dose of Dilbert. You can also go back to earlier dates to see those you might've missed

  • Bing.Fight!


    Good vs. evil, to be or not to be. These questions are unanswered since centuries

  • Rage Comics

    Rage Comics

    The best Rage Comics reader! If you don't like it, we'll refund your time! Rage Comics is the best way to read your favorite comics in your phone, because we took away the most painful part of it: zooming and dragging! We're sure you really hate readi

  • Step Brothers

    Step Brothers

    This is a sounboard with sounds from Step Brothers

  • SecurityStrobe


    This is version 3.0 of the wildly popular app SecurityStrobe

  • Boom Baby!

    Boom Baby!

    Steve Ballmer's latest addition to the .NET household language as a pushbutton application

  • Bazinga


    "Once again, you've fallen for one of my classic pranks" (Sheldon Cooper, PhD)

  • AMC Theatres

    AMC Theatres

    Since opening in 1920, AMC Theatres® has been dedicated to delivering the best possible movie-going experience

  • Wrap It Up Box

    Wrap It Up Box

    With the Wrap It Up Box you can be just like the producers at an awards show and tell people when it's time to wrap it up