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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5,Windows Phone 7
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Kubik Adventures


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WINDOWSPHONEMIX: Will keep you sitting on that bench and miss your bus WP7CONNECT: It puts your reflexes to the test! ____________________________ The most heart-thumping adventure arrives on your Windows Phone! Dive into the spectacular worlds of this amazing universe. The game has up to 30 levels, several difficulty settings and multiple game options. Help Red, Cherry and other surprise characters destroy all the monsters that plague the universe of Kubik, amass all the treasures and the greatest number of points. Beware of the many traps on the road to find the ultimate treasure, the journey won't be easy! Kubik Adventures is a puzzle game built to entertain you to maximum levels, with its tense and addictive gameplay, you will not be unable to leave the game! Be astounded by its amazing animations and special effects designed to give you a fun and rewarding experience. In addition, you can tilt the phone and use the accelerometer to create incredible combos. Be drawn in by the inspiring songs and amazing sound effects. Features: - 3 characters, each with unique characteristics - Multiple monsters - More than 20 challenging levels - 5 unique worlds - 5 kinds of treasures - 4 game modes: - Treasure Hunt - Countdown - Destroy all Monsters - Score Breaker - 4 thrilling levels of difficulty - 5 free levels in the trial mode - And many hours of fun! ____________________________ Collect all Plunge Interactive games and apps! Search for "plunge interactive" in Windows Phone Marketplace Strategy/tower defense: ● Farts VS Zombies Puzzle games: ● Kubik Adventures ● Sketchy Blocks ● Lleida Puzzle Entertainment: ● Mourinhadas! ● Guía de la Tele Utilities: ● Metro Washington ● Metro Madrid ● Metro Rome ● Metro Frankfurt ____________________________ VISIT US: www.plungeinteractive.com TWITTER: www.twitter.com/plungeint FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/plungeinteractive
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