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Jan 21, 2013
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Kill Word SSE Online


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KW Solar System Edition is an interplanetary guess game: have fun testing your knowledge about the solar system! More than 400 words about the planets and moons in our solar system and the spacecrafts that have explored them!! SELECT A CATEGORY AND TRY TO BEAT THE HIGHEST SCORE! With automatic updating of the categories. FREE FULL VERSION (paid version without banners) Main categories: Space ships and stations Space Telescopes (6 categories divided by wave length) Space Telescopes (all) Spacecraft missions (10 categories divided by target) Planets Dwarf planets Planets and major moons Moons (divided by planet) Rocky and dwarf planets moons Asteroids Comets Extra: Major stars Constellations (divided by hemisphere and Zodiac) New Feature You can display the best scores for each level. Features The number of trials change depending on the selected level (Easy, Middle, Difficult, Super). You can view the letters in upper or lower case. A toolbar shows visually the remaining attempts. You can toggle background images. Web update with new categories: automatic updating of the list of categories from the web. Search 'Kill Word' in the marketplace for other versions or 'becubed' for other apps. For any question email to: killword@ymail.com http://becubed3.wordpress.com Background images and icons, credits: NASA - Year of the Solar System
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