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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
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Glass Shatter


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Glass Shatter Description

Glass Shatter aka Hide It PRO!!!! This is the application you were waiting for!!! All of us have SECRETS! And we need to protect them! This is the ultimate Photo Hiding software for your phone !! And guess what, it appears to all others as a stupid Glass Shattering game. So, no one comes to know you have a Photo Hider installed! Keep the screen pressed for two seconds, and then release your finger to access YOUR SECRET VAULT of photos. Want more??? Have fun!! And do rate us in the marketplace! Features: * You can hide photos from any album / multiple albums at a time. * You can select multiple photos to hide at the same time * Lossless quality image hiding unlike some other apps. * You can unhide any photo to make it show back in the gallery. * Inbuilt photo viewer to view hidden photos supporting zoom and rotate NOTE: Windows Phone does not allow external application to delete photos in the gallery. After you have hidden your photos in this app, you need to manually DELETE those photos from your gallery. They will remain stored in your secret vault. Usage Guide : 1. On opening the software, you get a Windows Home-like screen! 2. Tap anywhere on the screen to make it appear as if the glass has broken there. Play this simple game in your leisure time !! 3. To access your Hidden gallery, simple keep pressing the screen for 2 seconds, or more, and then release your finger! Voila, you got a Password Protected Vault . Simply login and view /manage your hidden gallery!! Enjoy!!
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