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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
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Glass Phone 7


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What's in 1.1: - fixed some bugs What if you could browse the internet, send SMS, do phone calls, update your status to social webs and send e-mails, add to this a sleek, elegant design, and on top of all that make a use of the camera? Mix all that and you get... Glass Phone 7! What's in the application: - 4 main modules: a) standard web browser b) social status share module c) e-mail composer d) phone/SMS module - camera image - never trip over again! Watch TV and check upcoming match dates! Keep an ee on your child and search the weather! Riding the bus, reading news and suddenly you see a beautiful view? Hold the camera button to focus, then press it to take the photo! Anything is possible. - transparent, sleek Chameleon design (adapts to user's phone colors) - tiles! Get a quick access to GP7 modules from the phone's start view. - tips! They may come in handy. And more, with a fast and responsive interface! And it's free! Hurray! Found any bugs? Or maybe you'd want to suggest a feature? Just use the quick report feature in the application's menu and let me know, your feedback is very welcome. Install it now and use your phone like you never have before! (screenshot example photo courtesy of freshome.com)
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