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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5,Windows Phone 7
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GB&W Lite


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GB&W Lite Description

This "GB&W" game light version //--- GB&W is an atomic mix of such genres as Hardcore 2D shooter, brick breaker and aero-hockey. You will encounter a lot of weaponry including 3 missile types, one carrying nuclear warhead, a lot of bonuses, massive combat actions, interesting dynamic levels. To achieve succes you should have sharp reactions as well as some subtle tactical skills. //--- BRIEFING Don't wait any kind of boring or habitual gameplay here. There are no waves of enemies and predictable scenarios. To win in the game, you'll need to track many of factors and orient in mutable conditions. The passing of every level of the game is not repeated and every time it will happen like first time. LEVELS: 1-5 levels, that are accessible in the trial mode, are going for training purposes only and could be used to learn how to use missiles and some bonuses. CONTROLS: I tried to break out the convetial approach to functional buttons as single touch "Tap" And now you can activate missile bonuses using buttons on the top of the game screeen. At the same time, you could manage the ship as usual. I truly recommend to use it right now to avoid greater problems on the next levels. MISSILES: The main rule is very simple - don't use missiles when it's not needed. The hurry can kill you. Also, you can hide yourself behind the bricks. The bricks can be used to protect yourself from enemies as well. Remember, that you will not get any bonuses if the bricks are destroyed with missiles. BRICKS: - 14 types. BONUSES: - 14 types. The negative bonus "Biomass catalyst", at some levels, could be your salvation.
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