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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
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Fixed a bug with advertising Update 1.5: FrogSling 2 is out! Please try it out! Its free again. New levels, new graphics, new targets, new mechanics! Update 1.4: Bugfix in the mainmenu Update 1.3: - Content update prepared... stay tuned for 30 all new levels SOON! - Some minor bugfixing - Added a facebook share button and a link to my latest game Dotty 2 to the main menu Update 1.2: Hotfix: Update 1.1 accidentally unlocked all levels Update 1.1: - fixed level 21 - fixed games ending - updated credits - added ads to gameplay (sorry guys, but I have kids to feed :) ) - prepared the game for adding more levels in episodes Prepare yourself for some frog action! In this game you do just one thing: Shoot frogs with a sling. Frog Sling features 30 levels full of fun. Fire 4 different kinds of frogs at the targets to score. Challenge wind, storks, lightnings and a lot more of obstacles. If you master a level with brilliance you get a level star. Collect 5 of them to unlock a level. Please report feedback to support@dino-games.de
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