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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5,Windows Phone 7
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FM Radio +


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FM Radio + Description

FM Radio + is a feature rich user interface for the built in FM radio of every windows phone 7 handset. FM Radio + gives you unique features of any Radio app, like the nearby station feature that shows you a list of stations which you may be able to pick up. (UK Only right now) - Built in database of UK radio stations, including alternative frequences. - Quick preset feature which enables you to save 8 presets for the front page. -Search or filter database of UK stations to find what you are looking for. - Many radio stations in the UK database include several different freuqencies which you can choose. Different frequencies will work in different locations. - Built in user guide. - Selectable world region for FM tuning. - Designed around the Windows Phone 7 Metro user interface. The Radio needs the headphones plugged in, otherwise the phone will not be able to pick up a radio signal. Signal quality may be poor if using indoors. Update 1.1 - Many bug fixes. - Easier to save presets. - updated help page. This is a fully supported app so please report any bugs to the email within the app or below, and I will fix them straight away. Any suggestions, bugs, or feature requests, please email me at mail@trafficandtravel.net or visit the website: www.trafficandtravel.net Follow on twiter: @trafandtraveluk
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