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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
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Flashlight-X Description

Flashlight-X is the only TRUE and FASTEST flashlight app that uses phone's LED flash to light up CONSTANTLY. Flashlight-X is a utility tool that TURNS ON INSTANTLY when you launch your app and does not change your screen's image to give an illusion of light unlike other apps. It provides CONSTANT light without flickering! It is the fastest and most stable flashlight app on marketplace. This is the simplest, brightest and fastest flashlight utility tool you can use with your windows phone... *** Awards: 2012 APPIES GRAND CHAMPION! Thanks for over 1.5M downloads, over 35,000 reviews and great feedback in a year! *** - Works on ALL Windows Phone devices! (except HTC Mozart because of XENON flash) - Uses Camera's LED Flash. - Turns on INSTANTLY! - FASTEST turn on time. - NO flickering with NEW version! - Flashlight-X icon looks great on your Start screen. - Disables screen lock when the flash is ON! - Runs under the lock. - Use camera button to turn on/off. - Shake the phone to turn on/off. - SOS mode for emergency situations. - Compass for directions. Never get lost while hiking! - Shows battery percentage. - NEW: Light brightness slider if your phone supports. - And most importantly Flashlight-X is FREE! Use when you are - Reading a book at night - Looking for something in the dark - Walking/Hiking at night - Need an extra light - In a emergency situation What users say about Flashlight-X: "Excellent. Does exactly what it's meant to do" "Awesome, finally a flashlight that doesn't blink the led. It is perfect!" "Simple. Easy. Works and free!" "I love it! It helped me and my kids on Halloween night." "Finally! This was one of the things keeping windows phones from having basic functionality." "Best flashlight app ever!" "A real LED flashlight app" "Awesome app with the new update! Run under lock saves energy!" Note: Since it uses the camera's LED as light source, it may be battery consuming...
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