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Jan 21, 2013
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Flash Cards for Kids


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Flash Cards that display the alphabet from A to Z, switch between the letter cases and select different font types based on what your local school might use. Additionally, displays the numbers (one through twenty), colors, shapes, planets, and mini-games. Use auto play mode or manual, random order, or mute the sound so you can use your own voice. Based on the version that is currently available on the Xbox 360, future updates planned for both. Originally developed for my then two-year old son, we found that he loved to watch objects on the monitor/TV vs. all the paper flash cards we were buying, and it was much easier to keep things in order using a computer version. Another bonus is that the flash cards never got chewed on! The Xbox 360 version does contain more mini-games; we are working on porting these over to the phone version. (Trial Mode is limited to only a few cards and features) Update 1: Adjusted sizes of tap location for text based menus, and corrected a small bug where the color mini-game would no longer allow the start game button to function on the color menu screen. Reduced the size of the audio files to help improve loading speeds.
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