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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
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Facebook Pro is fast, responsive, functional and it has a beautiful, slim design. This app makes it possible for you to stay connected with your friends in a simple and elegant way! My goal is it, to provide the Windows Phone Store / Marketplace with the best Facebook app which was ever developed! Update 3.5: - Improved stability of the application. this means, that the probability of the app crashing should be strongly reduced by now. - Changed the application icon and the tile - Changed the loading screen - Changed the menubar color to blue (before it looked something between violet and blue) Update 3.1: - No strange colors with a design with white background anymore- Other minor design improvements - Minor bugfix on the news feed icon Update 3.0: - Changed the icons into better looking icons ;-) - Other minor design improvements - Now the app rotates with your phone automatically - Added an orientationlock-button - Added an events-button- Added a help-button - Added an addressbar-button - Added some other buttons - Addressbar can now also be used in portait mode. This means you can basically now use the app itself as a web browser - When a website is loading, it will now show you not only on portait, but also in landscape mode. - Many minor improvements Update 2.0: - Changed the design - Changed buttons into icons - Added a back-button - Added a refresh-button - Added a button, which changes the orientation of the app (landscape and portrait mode) - Added an addressbar (in landscape mode) - Many minor improvements
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