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Jan 21, 2013
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English in a month


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How to learn to understand the world - a question that has an answer! How can children learn a foreign language within half a year? And why does a regular person spend years of difficult studies on the same task? It's all because of a certain skill that children aren’t aware of, and adults have forgotten. We all speak in our native language, perfectly. However, not all of us have received high grades during our mother tongue classes, in school. A language is an audio-visual dynamic environment of images. You can either imagine it as a system of rules and regulations, or you can jump into it as if you are entering a river. To learn it, is figuratively speaking, to learn how to swim. Once you have achieved the basics, you can learn the technical theory, and how to use it correctly. Here are a few examples in which our system is especially efficient: 1. Learn basic phrases and vocabulary. Quickly and elegantly. Without tedious study and repetition, you can learn basic vocabulary that will be sufficient in explaining oneself in public. 2. Begin hearing and understanding native speakers You will no longer have to think long and hard before understanding what your conversation partner has just said. You will understand him naturally, as it happens to you in your own native language. Every word or phrase is pronounced by two narrators (male and female), who pronounce words in various intonations and speeds. From the very first moment, you will submerge yourself into the richness and variety of a new language. 3. Overcome your psychological barriers A foreign language, will be perceived as pleasant and interesting, its study- fun and addictive. You will begin to see the results of your study quite quickly. 4. Learn how to study. We are offering you to discover the skill, that which you already have, that helps you learn a new language as if you were in its natural spoken environment.
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