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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
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eCalendar Description

eCalendar is an application that works directly with Google and Live services, allowing to get and link all calendars to your mobile phone. All very easy to configure, and without access to any personal information stored on your phone. - Includes daily, weekly and month view. - Current time in the day view - Tile automatically upgradeable to the current day - Easy location of the days with events in any view. - Updated in real time with your Google and Live calendars - Compatible with low-end devices (256 MB) Support in twitter (Spanish or English) @ewp7 Support mail (Spanish or English) support@w8calendar.com.es version 1.5 - Support to long events (more than 1 day) - Support to Google's recurrent events - Sync calendars automatically on start window - Fix Sync. with google calendar version 1.4 (If do you have any update problems, please, Uninstall and install again) sorry... :( - Use new filter option to find events in one calendar - Select which calendars display at upcoming events - Fix error entering in event version 1.3 - Any event in start screen (include read only calendar) - Long text support in event notes. - Compatible with events import from Google sync calendar - Fix errors version 1.2 - New scheduled alarm view - Pin your most important events in your start screen and don't forget it - Next event on your start screen are automatically updatable - 100% compatible between dark or light backgrounds - User interface now is more friendly - Support English and Spanish culture - Fixed some minor bugs version 1.1 - New synchronization view. - Date and time of last synchronization - Context menu in synchronization view to synchronize or repair one calendar. - Fixed some bugs with Live
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