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Jan 21, 2013
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Each month of the year


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** Each month of the year is special and unique** Discover this rhyming poetic text bursting with seasonal events and fun activities. It’s simple to read, full of rhythm, and combined with humorous illustrations, animations, interactive elements and mini-games making learning effortless and fun. From the cold, snowy January to the festive Christmas holidays in December, to the cheerful month of MAY and sunny JULY: every page of this story summarizes each month of the year through images, sound effects, music and interactive elements the rhythm of a friendly rhyming text. Young readers will enjoy seeing the animals skiing, playing with flowers in spring, picking fruit from trees, celebrating the end of school, making sand castles on the beach, and choosing Halloween costumes to opening Christmas gifts... Young children will see how their own families, friends, and activities make each day and month special! SPECIAL FEATURES! • Fun interactive guaranteed • Full color illustrations. • Rhyming text • Text Narration • Music and original sound effects. • Options "Read it" and "Read it myself" • Suitable for children aged 3+
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