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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5,Windows Phone 7
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DateSquare Description

Ever been to a bar/club and wanted to date the hottest girl/guy across the room? Then DateSquare app is for you. This app shows you all the girls and guys available for a date and checked in to your location or a nearby place. It shows you matches – (when criteria for both you and your potential date matches based on your profile & preferences set in the app) in a separate view so that you don’t waste time hitting on someone who might not be interested in you. The FREE app let’s you: 1. Ask for a date by sending an instant message with your profile displayed on your partner’s mobile 2. Get instant response to your date request 3. Instant chat with someone you might be interested 4. Look for potential dates located anywhere in the world by using our innovative Map search. The map plots pictures of people on the location they are checked in at real time. It makes real easy for someone who wants to decide on a location to hangout where all the hottest girls/guys are currently partying and are available for date. 5. Dial your date directly once he/she confirms your date and call request. No more asking of phone number required. 6. Get directions to your date, once he/she has accepted your date request. 7. Check in to venues powered by Foursquare. All your check-ins from DateSquare app will be counted for badges/mayor-ships by Foursquare. 8. View all your recent/past dates or messages. 9. Get notified instantly when there is a match available nearby your current location. This way you don’t have to keep checking your app for possible dates. Simply check in to a venue and we will let you know as soon as your match is near by. Version 1.2 - Camera capability added to upload profile pictures Version 2.0 - 1. No Login required to check matches nearby 2. Nearby Twitter users displayed 3. Nearby Facebook friends displayed. 4. Upgraded to new Foursquare API Download this app now and never spend the evening alone.
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