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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5,Windows Phone 7
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Dashboard lets you create your own collection of gauges including compass, gyroscope, speed, tilt, acceleration, heading, location, altitude, vibration, and more. Other features include brightness control, night toggle, portrait and landscape support with optional lock, custom calibration, and a setting to prevent the phone from going idle while monitoring your gauges. Select units appropriate for each measurement including Metric, US Standard, and Nautical. Update v.18 - Speed feed's km/h unit has max of 240. - Location based feeds use common Observer for better performance. Update v1.7 - Added compass sensor feeds: Heading (True) & Heading (Magnetic). - Added compass gauges: Traditional Compass, Plane Compass, Fighter Compass. - Added motion sensor feed: Tilt (Gyro). - Added motion gauges: Artificial Horizon & Artifical Horizon with Compass Ring. - Renamed Course feed to Heading (GPS). - Renamed Tilt feed to Tilt (Accelerometer). Update v1.6 - New move gauge option. - Added support/feedback page. - Tool belt now shows labels. Update v1.5 - Added message for when Location Services are off. - Fixed potential crash bug with weather. - Vibration sensor stopped working in Calibration. Fixed. Update v1.4 - Reduced time to bring up dashboard after Setup Gauge screen. Update v1.3 - Now stores user-selected size of gauges. - Added reflective gauge surfaces and other details. - Added customizable dash surface. - Fixed crash when no accelerometer present while using Tilt. Update v1.2 - Added new metrics including Ascent and reverse geocode feeds, City and Zip, as well as temperature, humidity. - Made calibration simpler with clearer feedback when there's too much vibration. - Added optional tips. - Adjusted filter on accelerometer feeds--slower and steadier. - Fixed crash when returning from other app or idle on edit screen. - Roll icon didn't show up in Light theme. Fixed.
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