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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5,Windows Phone 7
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Danger Wing


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You are the Danger Wing. You've been assigned to investigate the recent rise in Space Pirate activity. Space Pirates have always been a minor threat in the area, but recently they have become more brazen. Who is responsible for uniting them? Why don't they just get real jobs like the rest of us? NEW CONTENT - Interlude! A brief story of leisurely times. Everyone has to relax once in a while... especially when such monumental events are unfolding all around you! - Simple touch controls - Lovingly hand drawn graphics - 15 story levels (so far...) - Challenge mode - Unlockable boss challenge - Online leaderboards - 5 upgrades, 2 power-ups - 23 unique enemies - 15 bosses Chapter 2 is coming... The stalking cat never takes her eyes off the prey... Version 1.8 - Updated for Mango Version 1.7 - Added music Version 1.6 - Added easy mode Version 1.5 - Interlude added! - New selectable weapon: Spread Shuriken - New activatable power-ups - Sally has a sweet ship... I wonder if she would let you borrow it sometime? Version 1.1-1.4 - Bug Fixes
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