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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
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Currency Exchanger


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V1.7: - Added: Support to adjust the order of the currencies list. V1.6: - Added: Each Live Tile supports up to four types of currency conversions. - Added: Support phone shake detection to update exchange rate quickly or empty the list etc. - Fixed: Automatically delete the existing currency in the to be added currency list. - Search currency according to the name, such as "US", "Chinese", "dollar" etc. - Support all categories view in historical chart page. Introduction Convert more than 150 global currency exchange rates quickly and easily! Just adding the common currencies once can take in everything in a glance, without one by one selection! You can update the exchange rate by a gentle phone shake. You can also directly fix the common currency conversion to the Live Tile, even without opening the application. Very convenient, isn't it? Please choose Currency Exchanger freely from currency exchange rate conversion applications. If you find a better one, please tell me! 8-) Features - Convert multiple currencies at the same time. - Fix the common currency conversion to the Live Tile, each of which supports up to four currencies conversion. - Support update mode and digital display styles setting. - View historical chart of exchange rates. - Support English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese. Note The currency exchange rates data is provided by Yahoo Finance. The data is for reference only. Your support keeps updates coming. Thanks! 快速转换全球150多种货币汇率!您只需添加常用的货币种类即可一览无余,无需依次选择!手机轻轻一摇即可更新汇率,您还可以直接将常用的货币转换固定到Live Tile,连应用也无需打开,是不是很方便? 全中文免费货币汇率转换应用就看Currency Exchanger(中文名“掌中汇率”),如果您发现更好的,请告诉我^_^
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