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Jan 21, 2013
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Cat's Adventures


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------------ DESIGNED FOR KIDS 2-5 ------------ "Adventures of the Cat: Cat and the pumpkin" is the first book in a series of childrens's books. It is a fun little book that encourages children to go out and explore the world! Your little tykes will be wriggling to get out and have some fun after reading about the Cat's adventures. In this story, the Cat goes to the farmer to get a pumpkin in order to make a pie. During this adventure, the Cat faces a bunch of issues. The cat solves these problems with help from its friends. The story encourages children to make friends, work together, be outdoors and just have fun. This book is best suited for kids ages 2-5. This series stimulates children's cognitive learning by means of vivid colors, simple words, catchy rhyme. It helps them understand social involvement through example of interactions. ------- FEATURES: ------- 1. Beautiful, high quality, professionally done illustrations by a children's art specialist Juan Jose Vasquez. 2. Professionally narrated default voice-over by Lisa Foster (http://fosterchick.com.) However, you can record your own voice if you want that your own "story-telling" experience with your kids. 3. Designed for Kids. Easily navigate the pages by simply swiping a finger. 4. Supports upside down and right side up orientations. 5. Fun and easy to learn original kids rhyme for the kids to recite in kindergarten and in front of friends :) ----------- SUPPORT & SUGGESTIONS: ----------- Kindly send your comments and suggestions to: support@satkriti.com or visit http://satkriti.com for more information. Thank you! NOTE: If you have any issues at all, please contact us before leaving a feedback. We are actively looking for feedback and would get back to you within 24 hours. Please give us a chance to resolve your issue as we value our customers and more importantly the kids very much!
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