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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
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Bao's Adventure


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Bao's Adventure Description

One day,Bao and his friends were playing games in the countryside. Bao is a naughty boy,he likes adventure.When he found a mysterious path,he didn't tell the others,he walked past. He walked for some time,and couldn't hear the others already. Suddenly,he saw a bright light.When the light was getting dark,he saw a huge door. He didn't fear,but very excited. The door opened gently,Bao curiously looked to the inside,but was pushed into it by an enormous energy. The door banged shut. He was attracted by the beautiful scenery.When he wanted to tell the others what he found,he found that he didn't open the door. He could only go forward. What is waiting for him?Is he in danger? Now I tell you,you are the only one who can help him,please remember you are Bao in the game,once you are distracted,Bao will be in danger. Ready for adventure? Tips: You can slice on the monsters to let them disappear. The bosses are not easy to deal with,please be careful. When you reach a certain condition in one level,you are able to break through the next level. Tere are some magic balls that will help you. For example,slice on the Z-magic ball,you can draw "Z" on the screen to attack all existing monsters for a while.
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