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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5
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Baby Monitor


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Why buy equipment in home monitor your baby? How about you always have your monitor with you and save space and money? Not only that you can hear your baby but also see how is the baby doing. Turn your phone into baby monitor. The app will give you the reassurance that your child is resting peacefully. You can create an interference-free secured connection between phone and PC for audio as well as video monitoring. The app uses PC microphone and webcam as sensor and phone screen as monitor. This is the first release. If you have any feature request or feedback, please feel free to send us email at info@pcremoteserver.com. Key Features: • See and hear your baby on phone • Independent audio on/off button • Independent video on/off button • Secured and no interference Requirements: • Windows Vista or Windows 7 PC • PC Remote Server application running on PC (download from www.PCRemoteServer.com) • PC microphone or headset for audio • PC webcam for video • Wi-Fi router Features Coming Soon: • Phone to phone connectivity for scenarios when PC is unavailable • Talk-back option to speak from monitor to camera • Connectivity over Internet to see/hear baby from any remote location • Baby soother to play soothing sound and lullabies
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