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Jan 21, 2013
Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 7.5,Windows Phone 7
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Auto SMS


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Auto SMS allows you to send pre made SMS messages to others. This tool is perfect if you use a lot of text messaging and wish to reduce the amount of typing you do. You can instantly send your location to others where they can select the link and see your location on the map. You can use the existing list of responses or add your own. All you have to do is select from a list of text messages and then select who you want to send it to. This app includes SMS shorthand for abbreviations. This app has a customizable background, Font size and color. The about section of the app also includes network information that is currently utilized by the phone such as (Wi-Fi, GSM, CDMA). Application by CellTrust, designed by Sean Moshir. This is Version 1.3 Instantly send your location via Google Map to others. Change Background, Font Size and Font Color. History for quick recall and resending messages. Version 1.2 Larger font size for easier selection. Tap and Hold to Edit selections.
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